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Cassation Court upholds death sentence for officers' killers
12 : 49 PM - 09/01/2017
Manama, Jan. 9 (BNA): The Court of Cassation upheld the death sentence against three defendants in the case of murder of First-Lieutenant Tariq Mohammed Al Shehi and policemen Mohammed Raslan and Ammar Abdu Ali Mohammed, Advocate General at the Public Prosecution's Technical Office Haroon Al Zayani said.
The crime took place on March 3, 2014 when the defendants planted an explosive device, lured the policemen and detonated it, killing three policemen.
Eight terror suspects, including five in custody, were referred to the Criminal Court.
They were charged with forming a terror group to undermine the provisions of the Constitution and to stall official institutions, and caused terror blasts to achieve their aims.
They recruited other suspects, made and detonated explosive devices and targeted public security men to kill them in order weaken the state, stir unrest and topple the regime.
Six suspects were charged with joining the terror group. They along with the second suspect carried out terrorist activities, killed and attempted to kill policemen, damaged public properties, and possessed, stored, handled and used explosive substances. Their aim was to carry out acts of terror, fund their terror group and finance its activities.
The High Criminal Court deliberated the case and sentenced three defendants to death and the remaining suspects to life in jail. Some of the defendants were stripped of their nationality.
The verdicts were later upheld by the Court of Appeals.
The case was referred to the Court of Cassation in compliance with the provisions of the Bahraini law which considers a death sentence automatically subject to referral to the Court of Cassation.
The Court of Cassation cancelled the sentence and referred the case back to the Court of Appeal to consider it anew.
The Court of Appeals deliberated the case a second time and upheld the sentence "in view of the incontestable material and verbal evidence" and referred it to the Court of Cassation which kept the death and jail sentences.


BNA 0929 GMT 2017/01/09

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