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Government’s Spokesperson: Public Prosecution summoned Al-Wefaq secretary-general
12 : 58 AM - 03/11/2013

Manama-Nov2(BNA)Al-Wefaq Society secretary-general has been summoned to appear before the Public Prosecution tomorrow (Nov3, 2013), accused of humiliating the Interior Ministry.

In a statement tonight, Minister of State for Information Affairs and Government’s Official Spokesperson Samira Ibrahim bin Rajab said that Al-Wefaq secretary-general is accused of denigrating and disparaging the Interior Ministry.

The association organized an event showcasing models, miniatures and drawings alleging policemen’s systematic use of inhuman practices and human rights violations.

Al-Wefaq Society secretary-general and other members delivered instigative speeches packed with lies and allegations at the opening of the event, which represented an affront to the status of police.


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