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HRH Premier receives GCC Information Ministers
08 : 45 PM - 01/10/2013
Manama, Oct. 1. (BNA) – His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa has stressed the importance of enhancing GCC media cooperation and coordination so as to project the real political and human rights image of the GCC society and highlight its landmark civilisational achievements to the world, without distortion or exaggeration.
He called for the need to respond to those who want to undermine GCC achievements, emphasising that the GCC media discourse should be stronger and more unified in order to reflect GCC countries' joint stances.

He praised the GCC media outlets' success in taking up leading positions at the Arab level and proving their merit to be among the prestigious international mass media.

HRH Premier added that it is high time the GCC Union, called for by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdulla bin Abbdulaziz Al Saud, was launched.

After three decades since the inception of GCC, it is no longer reasonable for the state of cooperation to remain, he said, stressing that "we should be in a state of union, as there is no reason to delay our unity further, especially amid the rapid developments affecting the GCC, regional and global arenas.

This came as HRH Prime Minister received at the Gudaibiya Palace today the GCC Information Ministers who held their 21st meeting here.

HRH Premier affirmed the importance of devising a GCC media strategy that contributes to developing the role of the media in the development process taking advantage of technology.

He stressed the need to intensify meetings among GCC media officials so as to exchange successful practices and information, adding that GCC media outlets should keep abreast of the latest developments and innovation and use modern technology to convey the GCC media message and project the honourable image of the GCC civilization.

He highlighted the key role played by the media in shaping public opinion, noting that "credible, constructive and responsible" mass media can disseminate truth and foster the values of unity and cohesion, and therefore, be a protective shield against media outlets that seek to spread chaos and sow divide and escalation.

"As GCC countries, we have the right to adopt a media policy that move from the reaction stage to the initiative-taking one, in light of the biased media campaigns staged against our countries for the aim of distorting reality, incitement and spread of odd western behaviours and concepts for the sake of affecting our social fabric," he also said.

"In the past, countries needed strong armies to protect them, but now they need a media arsenal to defend them and safeguard their achievements," he explained, noting that the media attack staged against GCC countries requires them to adopt a "unified media discourse with clear and specific messages."


BNA 1550 GMT 2013/10/01

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