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The First Session of the Dialogue Commences Tomorrow at Al Areen Resort
08 : 43 PM - 09/02/2013
manama, Feb. 9 (BNA)— The Spokesperson for the National Consensus Dialogue Isa AbdulRahman announced that today, Tomorrow February 10th, will witness the first session of continuing the National Consensus Dialogue in the political theme at Al Areen Resort in Sukhair.

He affirmed that the ultimate goal for the continuation of the National Consensus Dialogue is to build bridges between all participants to achieve the best interests of the nation and protect the future of Bahrain and its people

The spokesperson added that the sessions on the political theme will commence to agree on the agenda that will be determined through consensus, the results of which focused on the shared vision of all sections of society and consideration for the best interests of the nation – are a guarantee for a better future for all Bahraini citizens.

He explained that the Kingdom of Bahrain needs serious partnerships in the development process to build further consensus and ensure positive engagement. The National Consensus Dialogue - a continuation of a political process that had previously led to a number of universally agreed outcomes - will represent new achievements and add value to the reforms projects and democracy in Bahrain. He assured that the Dialogue's outcomes would be implemented through existing constitutional channels.

This was highlighted during a press tour, on Saturday 9th February, organised by the media center of the National Consensus Dialogue at which briefings and updates were given, together with an explanation of the mechanisms relating to press coverage, conferences and interviews for the Dialogue.

He said that the Dialogue's session will be a closed-door meeting. There will be a media center to briefall media with updates; the center will offer full facilities to assist with press coverage, together with an allocated hall to allow nominated journalists interview access to the participants of the Dialogue.

The Spokesperson said that the media center of the Dialogue will interact with the public through a variety of media. It was highlighted that the center has updated the official website of the Dialogue (www.nd.bh) to meet the requirements of the continuation of the National Dialogue in the political theme.

The website will provide comprehensive coverage, with regular updates of the latest photos and news. The center will issue press releases in both Arabic and English in order to inform on the progress of the Dialogue with the widest reach. The Dialogue updates will be posted on social media through the official twitter account of the Dialogue "@Bahrainnd".

In addition, Mr. AbdulRahman will interact with the public through his own twitter account "@iBahrain". A YouTube channel is in place to air clips and briefings relating to the Dialogue, and information can be found on the Facebook page; ‘National Consensus Dialogue’.


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