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Preliminary medical report of Al Khawaja
02 : 36 PM - 10/04/2012
Manama, April 10 (BNA) -- Chief Prosecutor and Attorney General Abdulrahman Al Sayed stated today that within the Public Prosecution's efforts in safeguarding all defendants of different cases, as soon as it was notified of Abdulhadi Al Khawaja's hunger strike, an official was referred to discuss reasons of the defendant's strike and assigned the supervising doctor to follow-up on his case and reviewed all his medical report.
And here is the following content of the medical report:
The Government of Bahrain Commissioned two international independent experts to conduct an evaluation of the medical condition of Abulhadi Al Khawaja of who has been on hunger strike for more than 55 days at the time of their request, and this was the reason for this medical assignment.

The undersigned medical experts visited Abdulhadi Al Khawja on 8th as well as the 9th April 2012 on the premises of the Bahrain Defence Force Royal Medical Services hospital. Where he was hospitalised on the second floor of the new hospital since April 5th around 11.00 pm. He stated he did not want to be hospitalised in this hospital because he did have some bad memories of the previous hospitalisation approximately one yeara ago.

Clinical examination :
During the clinical examination we saw a cachectiv somewhat pale man. His weight was 51.5 kg and his height 172 cm, his blood pressure 100 / 68 mm HG, pulse 64, respiration rate 21/min and body temprature 36.8c.

He seemed well and ws cooperative, quite coherent, well oriented in time, place and person. He was able to move around and stand normally for some time , and able to move around and stand normally for some time, and able to read and write.

He was also able to comprehend and respond to our conversation in a normal way. He stated that he had lost approximately 10 kg since he started his current hunger strike. Compared to his wight prior to his detention in 2011 he stated it to be 7 kg more, as at that time his regular weight was 67 kilograms , however neither in medical file of the Bahrain Defence Force Royal Medica Service hospital in April 2011, nor in the medical file of the prison his weight was recorded at the time of his admission.

Al Khawaja has commenced this hunger strike on Janaury 30th 2012 (so it is lasting now more than 60 days) During the current hospitalisation he has been accepting to receive intravenous fluids as well as medication to increase his pottasium level. he has not been continuously on a total fast. During this hospitalisation both orally taken fluids as well as the fluids given intravenously are recorded in his files.

Previously he was also taking oral rehydration solutions prescribed by his treating physician Dr. Kamal.
He did not complain of any symptoms related to the upper or lower gastro - intenstinal tract, and he had neither vertigo (dizziness)nor diplopia (double vision) or blurring vision. His hand writing was also normal.

His clinical examination showed fairly normal vial signs, with no signs of skin lesion, his fat tissue (which is normally present under the skin) was totally disappeared. There were no signs of the pedal oedema. Local cardiopulmonary and abdominal examinations were also undermarkable.

His mental health examination showed signs and symptoms of depression and posttraumatic stress disorder.
Laboratory assessments and investigations The blood tests taken during our examination showed normal renal function and blood electrolytes, and a normal serum uric acid level.

his red cell blood count showed a mild normacytic normochromic anaemia decrease. His white cell showed blood count showed a decrease. His serum bilirubin showed a mild elevation , with the indirect fraction being higher however , the patients supervisor clinician stated that this is related to Gilbert syndrome which is fmilial inherited disease . He gave on history of sickle cell disease .

The computerised tomography of the brain, chest X-rays as well as sonography of his heart, his abdonmen (including liver and kidneys) were all normal , except for the liver which was described as a fatty liver.

The report concluded the health condition of Al Khawaja has been severely deteriorated since his detention last year.

Since he started this hunger strike he has lost between 10 to 11 kg of body weight as documented in his files compared to the 62 kg when he started the hunger strike on Janaury 30th 2012.

his laboratory results over the period prior to this examination showed specially verly low blood sugars and low pottasium which might be dangerous when no proper medical assessment or treatment is available.

Moreover, he is prone to infections due to his low white blood cell count. his current medical satus is stable , after he has been stabilised over the past week.

If he countinues to a hunger strike and does not allow any medical interference his life will be in serious danger.

If he is transferred will back to the prison, he would need daily monitoring of his health and clinical status and the same specialist treatment as he currently receives in the Bahrain Defence Force Royal medical Services hospital.

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