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Public Prosecution / Abdulhadi Al Khawaja in good health
11 : 22 AM - 10/04/2012
Manama, April 10 (BNA) -- Chief Prosecutor and Attorney General Abdulrahman Al Sayed stated today that within the Public Prosecution's efforts in safeguarding all defendants of different cases, as soon as it was notified of Abdulhadi Al Khawaja's hunger strike, an official was referred to discuss reasons of the defendant's strike and assigned the supervising doctor to follow-up on his case and reviewed all his medical reports.
The Attorney General had assigned an international medical committee to approve the psychological and medical reports of Al Khawaja, disclaiming the recent rumors deterioration his health.

In that regard, two independent international experts arrived to the Kingdom on Saturday, in which one is an international expert in Hunger strikes and a director of a huge medical center in Denmark for the reserving the human rights of torture victims, as the other doctor is a specialized in clinical examination of hunger strike patients.

The two experts had been seeing the defendant at the Bahrain Defence Force Hospital for two full days, during which all required medical and psychological examinations were done, as they also visited Jaw Prison and examined his cell, they interviewed a number of prisoners of the same cell and had a meeting with the prison's doctor as they examined the medical unit at the prison. In addition to that, the two medical experts met all doctors that examined Al Khawaja during his hunger strike and prior to that, and to conclude their work they met the Denmark's delegate by the Denmark Embassy to follow-up Al Khawaja's state.

The experts released a preliminary report on Al Khawaja's results which stated that he suffered weight loss from a hunger strike, and despite prior medical reports that showed low blood sugar, potassium, and low white blood cells which would have endangered his life if not received proper medical care, as his current condition is well and was co-operative, quite coherent, well-oriented in time, place and person, as he's receiving good medical care at the BDF hospital.

They said that he was also able to comprehend and respond to their conversation in a normal way.

The doctors said he has not been continuously on total fast and took fluids orally and intravenously. Results showed that he did not complain of any symptoms related to the upper or lower gastro-intestinal tract and had neither vertigo (dizziness) nor diplopia (double vision) or blurring of vision, as blood tests showed normal renal function and blood electrolytes and a normal serum uric acid level, the doctors added.

The computerized tomography of the brain, chest X-rays as well as Sonography of his heart, abdomen (including liver and kidneys) were all normal, except for the liver which was fatty.

Indulging in transparency, the complete preliminary report is attached to this statement, as the independent international committee will submit its final report within the next week, as the full report will be included in his case brought before the Appeal Court.
As the Chief Prosecutor Abdulrahman Al Sayed called upon all media, newspapers, and social networks for accuracy and caution in reporting the reality of the stable and well medical condition of Al Khawaja, as he's receiving high standard medical care around the clock to eliminate any health risks he may encounter of his decision to engage in a hunger strike, the public prosecution will not hesitate in taking all actions to preserve his health as he's a Bahraini citizen that enjoys his civil rights and most importantly his right of proper health care.

Chief Prosecutor Abdulrahman Al Sayed said late last night that the Cassation Court will issue a verdict in Mr Al Khawaja's case on April 23.


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