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Former British General praises reforms, efforts
03 : 09 PM - 23/02/2012

London: Feb. 23 -- (BNA) A former British General praised the Kingdom of Bahrain’s reforms in the aftermath of last years unfortunate events, emphasizing that the Kingdom of Bahrain proved its strong commitment to reformation, citing a determination on the part of Bahrain's top leadership in positively dealing with the incidents which occured in the country over the last twelve months.

General Jeremy Lamb (Ret.) told the Gulf Daily News (GDN) that he noticed the efforts of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa Monarch of the Kingdom of Bahrain in responding to last year’s unfortunate incidents, adding that Bahrain is a small jewel-like nation which is well-known for its tolerant, cosmopolitan society, however, he said that further efforts should be exerted in order to preserve this unique feature of Bahrain and called on external forces to deal with this situation carefully, and maintained that Bahrain’s sovereignty should be respected.

He said that Bahrain's relations with superpowers could affect Bahrain and should be managed cautiously in such a way as to preserve Bahrain’s sovereignty, independence and uniqueness and said that Bahrain's history of reformation, tolerance and moderateness under the country’s wise leadership is a matter of fact.

He also said that the way Bahrain proceeds forwards constitutes a perfect example to be followed by countries in the region.
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