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Bahrain's Regrteful Incidents Require Continuous Joint GCC Coordination, Says Al Bayan Newspaper
11 : 17 AM - 25/03/2011
Abu Dhabi, March 25. (BNA) -- The UAE "Al Bayan" newspaper today said that the statements made by the Foreign Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa during his visit to Turkey require the GCC states to be more wary and cautious regarding the terrorist plots' ability to sow sedition and spread disharmony among citizens of the same nation.

In its editorial entitled "The challenges faced by Bahrain", the newspaper noted that Shaikh Khalid's statements that "the situation in the kingdom is at a very dangerous stage and we are afraid of divisions between religious communities," should urge GCC states to step up their coordination and reform their political and economic relations for the sake of achieving the GCC leaders' aspirations and meeting their citizens' expectations.

The newspaper referred to Shaikh Khalid's assertion that there is stability following weeks of turmoil because some groups refused to engage in the national dialogue and preferred chaos and destruction, adding that his description of the situation as "dangerous" is a warning of the possible repercussions of the rift between religious communities across the region and the Arab world.

It also stressed the need to continue the coordination model regarding the dealing with the Kingdom's regretful incidents, asserting that relieving tensions and restoring life to normal are top priorities and essential pre-requisites for the region's stability and security.


BNA 0816 GMT 2011/03/25

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