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Bahrain Voices Protest Over Blatant Iranian Interference
10 : 17 PM - 19/03/2011

New York - Mar 19– (BNA) The Kingdom of Bahrain has today voiced its strong protest over the blatant Iranian interference. Bahrain Ambassador to the UN Tawfik Al Mansour has submitted a memorandum addressed by the Foreign Ministry to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in protest of the barefaced interference of the Islamic Republic of Iran in its internal affairs, describing the flagrant stance as contradicting the principles of good neighbourhood, the non-interference in other countries' internal affairs and national sovereignty, the international law and the UN Charter.
Bahr Bahrain's firm stance followed the recent statements of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Foreign Minister, the Shura Council Speaker and the Foreign Ministry spokesman. The Government of the King of Bahrain has also called upon the UN Secretary General to take all necessary measures to put an end to the blatant Iranian interference in its internal affairs. Cairo-based Bahrain Embassy to Egypt charge d'affaires Tarak Mohammed Nusuf has also submitted a memorandum of protest to Arab League Secretary-General Amr Mousa over the Iranian flagrant interference in its internal affairs, slamming statements made by senior Iranian officials. Jeddah-based Bahrain Consul General to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Hamad Ali Al Binkhalil delivered a similar memorandum to the Organisation of Islamic Conference secretary-general Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, slamming the blatant Iranian interference, which does not serve security and stability in the region or promote mutual relations between neighbouring countries. The Kingdom of Bahrain has also urged the UN Secretary-General, the Arab League Secretary-General and the OIC Secretary-General to reject the Iranian memorandum, being in contradiction with international laws and covenants and the basis diplomatic norms.
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